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I work with families to create comfortable, natural photo sessions for people who crave images filled with 


Encouraging you every step of the way, I show you how to have more confidence while posing you naturally in front of the camera and sprinkling in giggles, snuggles, and real moments into your session.


Childhood rushes by so quickly, weeks turn into months, and months into years. It’s hard to realize how fast the time is going when every day feels so very long. Your daily jobs may feel endless. You’re an alarm clock, schedule keeper, meal maker, diaper changer, activity driver, face wiper, homework helper, and storytime reader. You’re a mom. And your babies, aren’t babies for long. All of a sudden they become kids, and then without warning your kids become teens. What will you have to look back on from those years?

Can you imagine having photos to look back on and watch your family grow? It is so very special to capture and relish your family all together at each of its stages. You’ll always want to remember the days when your children were small enough to hold, silly enough for tickles, and playful enough for piggyback rides. 

When children see photos of you joyfully celebrating life with them, they see how much you love them. They have picture proof. So, you need to be part of your family’s pictures too. It creates a legacy of love that you can hold in your hands 30 years from now and be proud of. 

What if 18 years fly by faster than you thought, and before you know it, all you’ve got are some cell phone pictures?

So, what’s holding you back?

You’re scared your kids won’t cooperate and will be “over it” and done participating before you can get any good, happy images of your whole family together. 

You’re worried you will look stiff, posed, and fake at your family session. You dread ending up with family photos where everyone has board eyes and fake smiles for the camera. 

You’re nervous about everyone looking good in the family photos, especially yourself. You don’t want to look too (insert your own insecurity here). 

You’re anxious that booking a family photo session is going to mean tons of extra work for you. Your plate is already super full. You’re concerned you can’t add one more thing to your already overburdened to-do list. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Introducing the

ASP Family Experience

Discover the proven family photography experience that is focused on genuine happy moments, your unique personalities, and capturing this irreplaceable time in your family’s life.

Now you can feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera while taking family photos that will become a treasured legacy.

We couldn’t have been happier with our results. Ann was very professional, while also being silly and goofy to capture our boys’ focus in a positive way. I think that all of our personalities came out within our pictures. Which is exactly what I'd hoped. 

It never really felt like a traditional photo session. It felt more like fun family playtime in the park. Everyone was comfortable and natural and I think it really showed in the pictures. Even our boys look at the pictures and express fond memories of taking them. And the artistic beauty of the photos definitely did not disappoint. I also loved how Ann took the time to go through each picture with us, offer options, asked questions and went above and beyond to make sure we were in love with the end results. 

My favorite part of our family photo experience was how effortless it was. As a mom of two amazing, but rambunctious little boys.... you never quite know what to expect. I thought we’d leave irritated, exhausted, and just DONE! This was not the case. We had so much fun just being silly and playful as a family. Our session was so much fun and effortless because of the knowledge and professionalism of Ann. From the session to choosing the photos, and finally hanging them on our walls, we could not have been happier with the whole process. Thanks again, Ann!! 

"My favorite part of our family photo experience was how effortless it was...We had so much fun just being silly and playful as a family."

The Pinto Family

Kids can be unpredictable, but I come ready with endless patience and loads of enthusiasm.

I have over 10 years of family photography experience. And during that time, I have learned how to keep kids of all ages engaged, interested, and enjoying themselves.

I come to every session ready to play and relate to your children whether they are 6 months old or 16.

four THINGS:




Your photoshoot will be joyful and relaxed, and your pictures will reflect that easy-going and playful vibe. Our sessions aren’t traditional, so your photos won’t be overly posed or stuffy either. While we always make sure to get several ‘eyes on me’ smiling photos, we focus more on the candid moments we can catch between the posed smiling shots. The photos of your family will be filled with genuine smiles and candid looks of love passed between family members. 

The last thing you need to worry about while making a special family memory is how you look. Everyone has insecurities and things they wish were a little different about their appearance. We will chat about how I can make you feel most comfortable. You will love the way you look. 

A lot of the moms I’ve worked with aren’t happy with their current body, and so many have put off booking a family session because of that insecurity. If that’s you, you are not alone, and I want you to know that I have created results that those same clients are overjoyed to see. Through a combination of flattering posing at your session, and a bit of help from some natural-looking photoshop during my post-session editing, they love the way they look and I know that you will too.


Our photography experience covers everything you could need, and we make it as effortless as possible every step of the way. From our first email contact, communication will be clear and easy. We provide our clients with guidance for selecting outfits, locations, and even provide instructions on how to prepare each family member for the session. We can’t actually be there to get everyone out the door on photoshoot day, but our client resources turn that mountain to climb into an easy walk through the park. 



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Pre-Session Planning


Photo Reveal &
Product Design

Product delivery

Can you imagine finally having gorgeous images that truly capture your children’s personalities and how beautiful you are?! Grab the popcorn and tissues, because it’s time for your image reveal slideshow! You and your family gather around to see your family photoshoot images revealed for the first time. 

This is where we provide our clients with a unique concierge-style experience. All your reveal images have already been edited and retouched, but we like to exceed expectations. I work with you and your family to help you select your favorite images, make any extra adjustments in photoshop (Does your left ear look too big? Pimple on the end of your nose? Spinach in your teeth? I can fix that!), and help you design the perfect archive-quality photo products for your home. 

Sit back and relax, because we are all about making every bit of your family photo experience easy: from showing you what your new canvas will actually look like on your living room wall (I’ve got a super-nifty computer program), to helping you pick the cover of your album, we make it effortless from start to finish. 

The best moments sometimes need a little encouragement. I’ll be there to engage with and guide you through each interaction, so you’re never left wondering, what you should do next. Surrounded by the perfect scenery, we will enjoy the beautiful day as you and your family laugh and play. 

Your children will be happy and smiling while we guide you into a pose that guarantees you feel comfortable and confident! I keep kids immersed in the fun by making animal noises, doing silly dances, telling lame knock-knock jokes and so much more. 

From start to finish, your family photo session will be relaxed, comfortable, and like playtime with your family. Before you know it, your photoshoot is at an end and you’ve had fun, and made new fond memories of your time together as a family. 

Before your session, we’ll meet up and discuss your dreams and hopes for your family photoshoot. This is a hugely important part of our experience and something that sets us apart from other family photographers.

We discover each of your unique personalities, family dynamics, and what everyone loves about each member of the family. This meeting is also where I gain your children’s trust, so on photoshoot day, I’m not just some lady sticking a camera in their face. 

We will finalize your location, chat about perfectly paired outfit options, and also discuss what makes you feel confident and the things that make you feel insecure. This allows me to go into your shoot knowing the best possible way to flatter and support you so you can feel at ease and know you look beautiful.

Like what you see here on the site? Want to book your family session with ASP? That’s awesome! The next step is to fill out our contact form. You can find it right here, in the navigation menu, and throughout this page. 

Once you do, I’ll get back to you lickety-split with an email containing lots of info about our family experience, including what to expect, session options, products I offer, full pricing, and more. It also includes a link to some questions I have about you and your family so we can start getting to know each other even better.

After you book, we'll start planning your session! I’ll send you some helpful ASP exclusive resources to get you started thinking about your ideal location and help you start selecting your family’s outfits. 

family Photoshoot

Shortly after your photo reveal, your products will arrive! We’ll set up a time to meet and (drumroll please) reveal your products! And the best part? You’ll get to hold in your hands and see on your walls the images that make you and your family feel beautiful and cherished. Seeing your legacy of love in print is pretty magical, and it’s something you will treasure long after USB drives become extinct. 

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I love the photos we got from you! They’re beautiful photos I love to look at and don't have that first reaction of "omg my hair" or "Levi, why didn't you smile?!" or "Ava blinked!" or something else that distracts from the whole. Everyone looking in the same general direction and not too edited that it looks overly filtered or blurry. The little things you did had a huge impact (making sure my necklace was centered and the clasp wasn't showing, and asking about preferred "sides").

My favorite part of the experience was the actual session. We were outside in a beautiful park, it was a nice day, and we were just having a great time. You made us feel so comfortable that smiling for the photos came naturally. Wonderful photos that will last a lifetime, and a photographer I would trust with any type of photo session. 

You made us feel so comfortable that smiling for the photos came naturally. Wonderful photos that will last a lifetime, and a photographer I would trust with any type of photo session. 

The Rains Family


For investment details and availability, please fill out our contact form linked below. Our family portrait sessions with full access to your gallery begin at $479. 

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